Recorded live on stage at The Next Web in Amsterdam.

Mark Randall at The Next Web

Conference Twitter feed

  • AppOriginal: Unbelievably inspiring talk by Mark Randall about entrepreneurship and education. Priceless…
  • stefanbech: Serial entrepreneur @markran gave a very inspired and emotional talk about building with purpose and meaning
  • aldert: Blown away by great presentation by @markran about changing
    the future of education. Inspiring and necessary
  • Sven_Seven: Must see! Mind blowing speech at #TNW2011: Mark Randall
    on education.
  • @m4tt: Whoa. Mark Randall’s talk at #TNW2011 just reached 1.1 million people via Twitter.


  • jaronreisman: Incredibly inspiring speaker Mark Randall at The Next Web, I’m touched and activated @markran #TNW2011
  • bartdenny: The most inspiring speech at #tnw2011 On meaning, value and education by @markran
  • vroenski: Mark Randall is not only changing the world, he also changed this day @ #tnw2011 and made it inspiring. Great speech!
  • StrabrechtAlumn: A must watch impressive keynote by @markran about startups & changing education for children around the globe


  • therune: Epic presentation by Mark Randall at #tnw2011 Truly inspiring and
    by far the best yet
  • benjamindyer: @markran absolutely nails his keynote at #tnw2011 – Find it and watch
  • agemooij: Just got hugely inspired to start an education startup by @markran at #tnw2011. Very moving and inspiring talk. Now to find the great team.
  • basw: Mark Randall delivers great speech on what it is REALLY about with entrepreneurship #TNW2011 (tip: it’s NOT money)
  • szwerink: Mark Randall already made this edition of The Next Web a success…. Big thnx to @markran!!


Mark and Hermione


  • anniegklein: Is anyone else getting emotional about @markran’s speech?
  • hermioneway: I know! I was nearly crying there too! @markran
  • RQCG: You were not the only one! @markran
  • wilg: Great talk by @markran thnx! Couldnt get all that emotion into my #sketchnote
  • ivanbrezakbrkan: Listening to @markran and I have no idea how to summarize his awesome talk into a paragraph for @netokracija :))
  • dabeesknees: Was a lovely inspiring talk by @markran and suitable for all
    people in every industry! Thanks Mark!










Sketchnote of Mark Randall's Keynote