Personal Life


Mark Randall and familyMark dedicates a portion of his time to passing on what he’s learned from his startup experiences, both joyful and painful, by teaching at various schools including the Graduate School of Entrepreneurship at UC Davis, the California State University Executive MBA program and through speaking at conferences.

In the rare free moment, Mark enjoys DSLR videography, playing lovingly restored retro arcade games, tweaking his home theater to attain audio visual improvements only marsupials can perceive and expanding his museum of mostly worthless classic console computers, currently the largest privately held collection in the U.S.

For reasons no one can fathom, a communications manager at Intel named Julia, who even Mark’s friends say is “way out of his league“, made the mistake of marrying him. To this day, she remains either unaware of her catastrophic error Mark Randall's weddingor too embarrassed to admit it. In planning their wedding, the couple created a rather strange but truly unforgettable experience for all their friends and family to enjoy. They called this experience “The Wedding Surprise“.
Mark and his wife live in Northern California where they are raising their beautiful and quite clever daughter to know she shouldn’t believe half of what she hears, correlation is not causation, real freedom is more important than false safety and that we stand on the shoulders of scientific and entrepreneurial giants whose achievements have made this the best, most prosperous era humans have ever known.