Snappy Reviews



  • “Snappy is one of the truly Cool Tools … it delivers the
    highest-res video captures ever … one of the great
    bargains in PC-dom”
    — PC Magazine
  • Play’s Snappy simply grabs the best video stills …
    outperforms a digital camera.”
    — New Media Magazine
  • “Snappy is a must … you just won’t find
    anything better at what it does”
    — Computer Currents
  • “Currently the best-selling peripheral … and now
    used in a reported 250,000 homes and offices”
    — Washington Post
  • “Snappy produces superb results”
    — Home Computing and Entertainment
  • “This little gadget is what many PC users need instead
    of an expensive graphics scanner.”
    — CNN
  • “Seldom does a new product live up to its advance billing… I’ve owned
    four other video digitizers and this one offers the best performance of
    them all. In fact, we have a more expensive video capture device here at
    the newspaper. You guessed it. Snappy kicks its tail.”
    — Mobile Alabama Register
  • “Snappy is a wild success story … one of the most popular technology
    products of 1995 and an unbelievable value.”
    — PC Graphics & Video
  • “Snappy can actually do a better job than any of the
    self-contained digital camera’s … a must-have item.”
    — Toronto Globe & Mail
  • “the most popular video frame grabber on the market”
    — Family Computing
  • “(Snappy) has all but blown the socks of this writer… in fact if
    I were mayor, I’d have it installed on every city-owned PC in
    town.” — Chicago Tribune
  • “it’s remarkably easy and the crisp images open all sorts of new possibilities”
    — Home PC
  • “the closest thing I can find to Snappy for the Mac is
    $470 … looks like Snappy is another reason to get a PC.”
    — New Media Magazine
  • “the captured images are stunning … twice the resolution
    of other capture hardware and many digital cameras”
    — Presentations Magazine
  • “the high-resolution quality of the stills rivals photos…
    Snappy is currently the No. 1 best-selling multimedia
    hardware in the country.”
    — PC Guide
  • “compares favorably to a $2,000 to $20,000 digital camera or a
    $5,000 to $50,000 slide digitizer… it’s hard to beat Snappy’s
    high quality, low cost and ease of use”
    — New Media Magazine
  • “Snappy is one of the coolest computer toys and a state-of-the-art
    consumer tool… Snappy’s unique video capture chip digitizes
    twice as sharp a picture as any rival at any price. (upwards of $2,000)”
    — Newsday
  • “the very best in technology, price, convenience and performance.”
    — VideoMaker
  • “Snappy delivers much better performance with the best quality images
    and a polished user interface. Snappy is the clear winner in this competition.”
    — Boot Magazine
  • “The Snappy Video Snapshot is the only way to go”
    — Windows Sources
  • “You would need a full production studio to do this six
    months ago, now you can do it at home.”
    — CBS News
  • “a product that everyone with a PC and a camcorder
    simply has to have.”
    — PC Graphics & Video
  • “Run (don’t walk) to your nearest computer hangout and buy Snappy –
    you’ll be amazed at the results. Snappy is a technological and
    economic wonder. I don’t know of any product on the market
    that does so much for so little.”
    —Database Advisor
  • “nothing outperforms the Snappy”
    — PC Magazine
  • “Snappy’s ease of use and excellent software make it a winner.”
    — HiTech Review
  • “it’s hard to find a process that’s easier and more affordable than
    using the Snappy.”
    — Family PC
  • “Snappy captures images at the highest resolution I’ve seen.”
    — Kansas Journal-World
  • “The resolution is better than that of the input device,
    a seeming contradiction.”
    — PC Week
  • “I must say Snappy is quite remarkable.”
    — KUSA–TV
  • “It doesn’t get much easier than this.”
    — PC World
  • “Snappy works great”
    — Houston Chronicle
  • “outsells all digital cameras.”
    — Sacramento Bee
  • “Snappy is a fun and inexpensive way to capture your favorite movies
    and moments into your computer”
    — America Online Pick of the Week
  • “Snappy is still in a class by itself.”
    — Computer Shopper
  • “a very useful widget”
    — Business Week
  • “the unit is amazing”
    — PC Photo
  • “Snappy definitely produced the highest-quality stills”
    — Camcorder
  • “If you need a quick way to turn your favorite videos into digital snapshots,
    Snappy is for you.”
    PC Computing
  • “capture video images at resolutions up to 1500 x 1125”
  • “Our favorite video capture device”
    Family PC
  • “Snappy could do serious mischief.”
    London Times
  • “An ingenious device … the least expensive way to
    transform your camcorder into a digital camera”
    Computer Life
  • “the easiest-to-install desktop video product available”
  • “One of the most interesting new digital technologies
    on view was Play, Inc.’s Snappy”
    Discount Store News
  • “Beautifully vivid images that will impress any
    New Technology Showcase
  • “Snappy puts your family and friends at the mercy
    of your sense of humor – right where you want them.”
  • “The Peripheral of the Month has to be a strange and
    wonderful little box called Snappy”
    TV Technology
  • “produces terrific video stills … the best we’ve seen”
    Windows Sources
  • “the quality is very good … extremely high resolution”
    New York Post
  • “Snappy is the latest must-have PC peripheral”
    PC Magazine
  • “brings sharp, network-quality stills to PC owners”
    Video Magazine
  • “an impressive product … with resolutions as high as 1500 x 1125
    (higher than any other board, including ones that sell for thousands of dollars)”
    Photo News
  • “Snappy is a #1 seller nationwide … it’s extraordinary!”
  • “I’m astounded by how well it works… the results are astonishing.
    Get one you’ll love it.”
    PC Magazine
  • “The easiest, cheapest device I’ve seen for grabbing video images…
    beats a $2,000 card.”
    Imaging Magazine
  • “Makes video easy for Windows users”
    USA Today
  • “amazingly simple … for the first time you can get print-quality
    images from video”
  • “Snappy lets you convert a camcorder into a digital camera”
    Popular Photography
  • “yields results that range from quite good to stunning”
    Los Angeles Times
  • “This little package of plastic and chips is nothing less than the bridge
    between PCs as we have known them up till now and computers as we’re
    going to know them from now on out.”
    San Jose Mercury News
  • “You might get sweaty palms just thinking about the
    digital sleight of hand you can perform with Snappy.”
    Rolling Stone
  • “Snappy has given me plastic surgery, a dye job, and changed my eye color
    all in a matter of minutes!”
    KOVR – TV
  • “Images captured with Snappy are superior to those produced by entry-level
    digital cameras”
    Home Computing and Entertainment
  • “Snappy actually does some electronic magic to increase resolution.
    Photographic Magazine
  • “with Snappy you’ll soon find yourself doing the kinds of things in your rec
    room that they used to do only in the most sophisticated television studios.”
    Seattle Times
  • “A breeze to install… Snappy really shines in the field of digital photography
    producing an incredible 1500 x 1125 image.”
  • “Snappy not only makes it affordable to capture true-color images on my PC
    it also makes it simple and fun.”
    Computer Life
  • “Look no further than Play, Inc.’s Snappy Video Snapshot”
    Photo Marketing
  • “Snappy’s neatest trick is the ability to produce
    a very high resolution, publication-quality image”
    Digital Video Magazine
  • “It is with great pleasure that we report that Snappy is one of the simplest
    computer peripherals available… very cool indeed.”
    Computer Shopper
  • “it takes a video snapshot that becomes computer enhanced to an extremely
    high resolution.”
    NorthWest Airlines WorldTraveller
  • “sets new standards for plug-and-play simplicity.”
    PC Today
  • “does a very good job at capturing the video signal… one of the most user friendly
    packages I have experienced … an impressive product”
    Digital Output Magazine
  • “Installation was easy and fast … the performance was impressive”
    Windows Magazine
  • “In the old days, you needed three things to capture digital images
    from video: a degree in computer science, a small fortune, and the
    patience of Job. But you don’t need any of these if you’ve got Snappy.”
    PC World
  • “This is the first affordable device that can convert video into a digital still frame.
    Using Snappy, you’ll find a picture is no longer worth a thousand words, rather
    it’s nearly beyond words. And loads of fun.”
    Philadelphia Inquirer
  • “grabs still frames at twice the resolution of any other PC-capture device.”
    Information Week
  • “With Snappy all you need to become a virtual voyeur is a PC.”
    Home PC
  • “Surpasses existing boards that cost far more”
  • “Snappy is a revelation … the results are stunning. Snappy is an unbeatable deal.”
    PC Graphics & Video
  • “Snappy offers impressive creative power at a very reasonable price.”
  • “Snappy performs some heavy-duty calculations to deliver resolution far beyond
    standard video quality … the images are staggering.”
    Home Computing and Entertainment
  • “One of the biggest hardware hits this year is that little frame grabber, the Snappy
    Video Snapshot”
    PC Magazine
  • “Snappy has attracted a lot of attention due to its exceptional image quality”
  • “With every video you take, now there’ll be an album of images you can take
    advantage of – in a snap”
    Family PC
  • “There’s a reason they call it Snappy… it’s a bargain, especially with its
    razor-sharp 1500 by 1125 resolution.”
    Multimedia World
  • “Every once in a while, we see a product so impressive that it makes us
    rethink an entire category. That was certainly the case with Play Inc.’s
    Snappy Video Snapshot. It produces images so good you’d think they came
    from a very expensive digital capture board. … astonishingly good capture
    results…better than those from a desktop scanner.”
    PC Magazine
  • “remarkably sharp images, good enough for the most demanding applications…
    Snappy’s a hit.”
    Internet Life
  • “The quality is outstanding”
    Daily Transcript Newspaper
  • “I was amazed at what I saw on the screen; a near “photographic quality” image!
    Am I impressed with Snappy? You bet I am!”
    Midnight Engineering
  • “you can produce pictures that look like a one-in-a-million shot”
    PC Novice
  • “Snappy may be the first computer video add-on that crosses the threshold to
    become a household word.”
    Florida Times-Union
  • “Play Inc.’s Snappy Video Snapshot has garnered numerous awards for its ability
    to capture high-quality images from video.”
    Orange County Register
  • “There’s really nothing that comes close to what the Snappy can do”
    Popular Electronics
  • “This little piece of hardware is a lot of fun and offers some incredible results for its
    very low price. If you own both a camcorder and computer, seriously consider this magic box.”
    PC Photo
  • “Enormously popular, Play, Inc.’s Snappy is a cool little device”
    Portable Computing
  • “They took the concept of the frame grabber and hit a home run.”
    Multimedia Week
  • “it offers the highest resolution, best quality video stills you can get.”
  • “making this seemingly daunting task almost child’s play, Play’s Snappy Video Snapshot
    has skyrocketed to stardom…it’s no wonder this innovative product is so popular.”
    Computer Shopper
  • “the perfect business tool”
    Washington Times
  • “Snappy, an under $200 video-capturing wonder from Play, Inc. that now is one the
    hottest items in the computer stores of America. — Chicago Tribune
  • “makes grabbing video your PC, ahem, a snap”
    Associated Press
  • “It’s cute, it’s small, it’s affordable, and it works by pressing one button”
    Photo Industry Reporter
  • “Play’s Snappy is a shining example of the potential of the home video and imaging market.”
    PC Graphics & Video
  • “Snappy works exactly as advertised”
    Wall Street Journal
  • “Perfect for every PC application from multimedia to desktop publishing”
    Computer Times
  • “Snappy brings something new to the computer world. It’s easy to use, interesting, fun,
    inexpensive, and reliable. If you can’t think of uses for Snappy, I don’t think I want to
    know you. Highly recommended.”
    Byte Magazine
  • “Snappy turns out to be an excellent device for digital photography.”
    PC Magazine
  • “This amazing piece of gear is no bigger than a box of playing cards …
    It captures excellent images”
    Outdoor Photographer
  • “This is truly one of the most exciting desktop video
    products… thanks to Snappy, a camcorder can out-perform the latest $2,000 to $3,000
    digital still cameras… the results are nothing short of spectacular. This is without
    doubt the easiest and most efficient way of getting video into a PC ever.”
    VideoCamera Magazine
  • “a big hit at last year’s Comdex … it’s darned nice.”
    3D Design
  • “The Snappy video capture unit is small but mighty… it may prove to be the one device
    you can’t live without”
    Personal Systems
  • “The right device at the moment, and right popular, too, is Snappy from Play, Inc.”
    Kansas City Star
  • “catch the perfect shot – it’s as easy as any point-and-shoot camera.”
    PC Computing
  • “still the best-selling video grabber – and for good reason.”
    Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • “The Snappy Video Snapshot from Play Inc. is one the least expensive video grabbers
    for the PC, but it is also one of the best.”
    TV Technology
  • “A unique gadget”
    USA Today
  • “Snappy is simple to hook up and use but is extremely sophisticated”
    Family Life
  • “a nifty pocket-sized device”
    Business Week
  • “Installation is a breeze.”
    Online Access
  • “Play Inc. has developed a killer application called Snappy … The quality of the images we
    captured proved to be as good or better than those produced by the digital cameras selling
    for hundreds of dollars more.”
  • “That little Snappy is just one whiz-bang thing.”
    News Review
  • “Among the most popular computer accessories is an item called Snappy, created by Play, Inc.”
    Sun Chronicle
  • “Super-popular … it can take very high resolution images”
    Miami Herald