Amorphium Reviews

(Captured from the Play website)

  • PC Week – Best OF Comdex
  • Macworld – Best Of Show
  • Televison Broadcast – Editors Pick Of Show
  • PC World – World Class Award
  • ZDTV – Excellent 5 Star Rating
  • DCC – Highly Recommended
  • A/V Video – 4 Stars
  • Maximum PC – 9 Out Of 10 Rating

In its comprehensive examination of the software, Maximum PC magazine finds Amorphium worthy of nine out of 10 stars and calls it a “must-have” 3D package.

“Amorphium is an extremely powerful 3D modeler that’s incredibly cheap and easy to use,” the review reads.

The Maximum PC reviewer is especially impressed with Amorphium’s speed.

“Amorphium has a killer rendering engine& Faster than most raytracers or phong shaders, Amorphium rendered a 30-frame, 640×480, 10,000 polygon animation with textures, fog and four keyframes in just under 15 minutes. Even when we threw numerous geometry distortions in the mix, Amorphium didn’t slow down.”

Also wowed by Amorphium’s speed is Videography magazine, a leader among video publications.

“Amorphium is very fast and provides immediate feedback, making it a useful addition to any broadcast graphics environment, as well as for any situation that requires a lot of modeling productivity in a short time.”

Another top video publication, Britain’s Video Age, appreciates Amorphium’s incredible power and low cost.

“At only $150 no animator can be without Amorphium,” the review reads. “The cross between Electric Image’s power and the clay-modeling engine allows users to create complex forms with minimal effort.”

Camcorder and Computer Video magazine raves about Amorphium’s incredible price as well, noting that at $150, the software package allows virtually anyone to begin 3D, and end up with “some very professional looking results.”

The magazine also raves about Amorphium’s ease-of-use: “Play has put a great deal of emphasis on making Amorphium logical and intuitive.”

Mac Now magazine’s extensive review focuses on Amorphium’s limited learning curve: “I’d go so far as stating that anyone who can operate a mouse can use Amorphium because of its remarkable interface;” and on its incredible price: “The closest thing I’ve seen to Amorphium is Maya’s Artisan- which is a $6,000 plug-in for Maya’s $10,000 3D system.”

Mac Now’s reviewer, who awarded Amorphium a perfect five-out-of-five rating, asserts the program’s status as a unique tool for established artists and newcomers alike.

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about Amorphium. Because I see almost all the new graphics software, and receive all the marketing hype from most companies, I tend to get a bit jaundiced about the release information that fills my e-mail and snail-mail. However, in this case, Play, Inc. didn’t go far enough. To be fair to their marketing staff, I don’t know what hyperboles they’d need to use that would really capture my attention. However, Amorphium certainly is a real treasure.”