Serious Magic DV Rack User Reviews


(captured from the Serious Magic website)

“The record to disk interface and features will save me a LOT OF TIME which is my most valuable resource.
The calibration tools are the icing on the cake to make my shots cleaner and it’s a way to teach me how
to better calibrate my camera and environment. Even if I never use it in the field, it
will be a wise investment for better quality video and more efficient use of my time and equipment.”
— Jim Q.

“Among the myriad of uses I have for DV Rack, the greatest is for client reviews of studio takes. What a
pain it used to be to find the best take, cue it up, play it and hear, ‘play it again.’ With DV Rack it’s
as simple as a mouse click. Pure genius!”
— Robert C.

“The DV Rack software rocks! I compared it with my Waveform and Vectorscopes I have in the studio and find I
will use DV Rack mostly with a DV to SDI converter. With that, I can test digital signals through my laptop
instead of going analog first and using heavy waveform and vectorscopes.”
— Marc C.

“I couldn’t imagine shooting now without DV Rack. Not only does it make you more efficient and more productive,
it just makes you better.”
— Scott W.

“DV Rack is good, real good. It’s saved me a ton of times the first day I used it.”
— Jarred L.

“This is the most revolutionary product I’ve touched in many a year…I don’t think I can live without it.”
— Jodie R.

“I don’t think I can go back to shooting on tape ever again.”
— Dr. Arthur W.

“It was good to have a larger monitor on location rather than having to use the camera LCD. Another plus
using DV Rack was that we recorded directly to disc (and ran tape at the same time as back-up). Using DV
Rack’s digital video recorder saved us valuable time logging and digitizing footage. Also, it helped the
actors instantly play back and check scenes. We initially downloaded the DV Rack trial version and liked it
so much we bought the product. I can’t imagine shooting without DV Rack.”
— Peter W.

“It was incredibly handy, and the director/editor declared it was the “greatest thing in the world”.
He got the first act rough-cut in about four days. Never even looked at the tapes, except for shots
where we needed extreme portability and the laptop couldn’t be part of the process.

“It’s incredible working this way. Continuity questions? No problem — the script supervisor tells us which
take to bring up, and instead of hunting through tape, I pop the clip up on the DV Rack monitor immediately.
Did he carry the briefcase with his left hand or his right? Oh, right hand. Okay, no problem. Scene matching?
No problem. Bring up the old take, then split-screen with the new footage, and you can adjust brightness/
contrast/light levels/whatever to make sure your scenes will cut well. Worried about crossing the line, and
can’t remember which side of the line you were on? Instant review. Not sure if a scene will cut together well?
While the crew is pre-lighting, you can pop open Vegas and slap the scene together and see. It’s absolutely brilliant.”
— Barry G.

“DV Rack’s field monitor (which shows more than the camera’s LCD) was invaluable for checking our framing and helping make sure lights and microphones were not in our shots. Also, the waveform monitor and vectorscope in DV Rack were very useful for checking our overall exposure and helped us avoid “blowing out” our highlights in important parts of the frame.”
— Amin J.

Amin using DV Rack on location