Play Trinity Reviews


(captured from the Play website)

  • “Trinity is ready to replace a quarter of a million dollar television control room.”
    — CNN
  • “Trinity is enormously impressive, with super-sharp, noiseless video and fabulous effects…it will have few competitors”
    — Digital Magic
  • “WOW! A video desktop system that fulfills the promises made for years by other manufacturers. Trinity goes far and beyond anything available for sale today in terms of features and price. Trinity’s real-time video effects might be considered mind-boggling at any price… this is the system to watch”
    — Videography
  • “There are things this system can do that even Silicon Graphics machines can’t do. It’s phenomenal… make sure you see this thing.”
    — PC Magazine
  • “Trinity is one product that delivers on the promise of the fully digital world.”
    — PC Week
  • “in a word, stunning …Trinity stands poised to revolutionize the desktop video industry.”
    — Camcorder
  • “fundamentally changes the way personal computers are used for video production.”
    — NAB Daily News
  • “one of the most beautiful screen displays I’ve ever seen… innovative real-time effects that really turned heads …among the hottest new products. Trinity’s CG and paint/compositing programs rival systems at more than twice the price.”
    — Video Systems
  • “Trinity is awe-inspiring … it knocked me over…one of the most significant and intriguing concepts within the hurricane of products.”
    — TV Technology
  • “Trinity represents a radical development in the PC-based video arena. Revolutionary… I want one for my desk.”
    — Millimeter
  • “Trinity was breathtaking in its level of sophistication…the level of functionality and sheer versatility made it a runaway winner.”
    — Multimedia and Digital Video
  • “The next big thing in Windows computing”
    — Windows Magazine
  • “(Trinity) will revolutionize the video-editing business with video mixing and editing effects you couldn’t have done a year ago without a million dollars’ worth of equipment. Without question, Trinity will send a magnitude 8 trembler through the world of broadcast TV.”
    — BYTE
  • “Trinity is legendary”
    — Interactivity
  • “The hottest product at the show drew the most gasps… it astounded analysts … a state-of-the-art television studio offering dazzling special effects at a surprisingly low price. Trinity has amazing capabilities… it looked like it was running on a $100,000 system.”
    — New Media Magazine
  • “The product I’d name as most likely to change the world of broadcast television…Trinity takes video production to a broadcast-quality level with effects and capabilities that are simply stunning.”
    — The Computer Paper
  • “It’s doubtful that any other PC based video company made as much noise or brought as much excitement to digital video as Play’s Trinity system. The most intriguing and eagerly awaited product of the year…Trinity turns up the heat on the market”
    — PC Graphics & Video
  • “a groundbreaking video tool”
    — Broadcasting & Cable
  • “Trinity appears to do it all”
    — Broadcast Engineering
  • “Perform nearly any video trick known to mankind, and several new ones too. This is an impressive system for the money … with more features than many products six to ten times more expensive….”
    — Videography
  • “A product that could change the face of video production… desktop video production will never be the same.”
    — Multimedia World
  • “Forget the big networks, Play’s Trinity brings broadcast quality video production into your PC”
    — Boot
  • “Play’s Trinity, a TV studio in a box, is far cheaper and more portable than a room full of specialized video production tools.”
    — Los Angeles Times
  • “Trinity is a huge breakthrough”
    San Jose Mercury News
  • “Trinity is a PC-based digital studio that replaces the expensive production equipment in a major television station.”
    — PBS
  • “Trinity has made everybody from Intel Corporation to home-video buffs drool.”
    — Sacramento Bee
  • “Trinity is quite an impressive machine… it promises to change the nature of video production.”
    — Television Broadcast Europe
  • “Everything wedding videographers have always wanted in a video production system.”
    — Wedding & Event Videography
  • “One of the most ambitious products … turns a Windows-based PC into a full-fledged multi-media machine.”
    — San Francisco Chronicle
  • “functions previously found only in high end work-stations and multi-hundred thousand dollar dedicated production gear… Trinity made the video industry sit up and take notice”
    — Digital Output
  • “A powerful, yet very affordable, integrated video production system for PCs. It brings the tools found in television studios to the PC…that’s a lot of functionality in one system.”
    — Television Broadcast
  • “Using Trinity, anyone will be able to transmit a high-quality show around the world.”
    — ABC News
  • “Although it will have great appeal to TV stations who want to add greater special effects to their broadcasts, it will also be a great tool for use in IT departments that create corporate training films and PR related videos.”
    — Asia Computer Weekly
  • “Trinity could make the PC a standard platform for high-quality video editing, effects and animation.”
    — The Computer Paper
  • “a revolutionary video production platform”
    — Computer Video Production
  • “a big improvement over current production systems”
    — Business Journal
  • “Trinity is an entire television control room. It certainly switches multi-camera news remotes, composes news graphics or handles newscast pre-production like nothing else its size or price.”
    — TV Broadcast