Mar 212012

The Startup Owners Manual
by Steve Blank
The first part of Steve’s previous book for free:
Steve Blank’s slide presentations that cover some of the material in the book:

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Running Lean by Ash Maurya

How to Build a Web Startup – Step-by-Step:
Great stuff:
Good entrepreneurial advice:
Industry news:
Mr. Customer Development:
Mr. Lean Startups, Eric Ries:
Marc Andreesen:
Sean Ellis:
Dave McClure. Crazy… but smart crazy:
Stanford Entrepreneur Club, lots of resources:
Lean Startup Mailing List:
Ash Maurya:

Pitching to Investors

Venture Hack’s Pitching Book. A complete manual.  
Dave McClure’s presentation, Startup Viagra:

Mark Randall’s Presentation Slides (PDF)

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  1. I’m a undergraduate student and looking for resources about entrepreneurship. Thanks for sorting them out!

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